Friday, April 29, 2011

Red + Yellow = Orange!

I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs, Art Project Girl, and had so much fun doing it with my Kindergarten classes!  Here is a link to Art Project Girl's post: Easy Project You Can Do Tomorrow.  The kinders loved making their bright flowers as they practiced double loading their paintbrushes with red and yellow paint to make different orange hues.  They also practiced thick lines, thin lines and outlining. 

Aren't they just lovely?  Thank you, Art Project Girl!


  1. I love yours! I'm doing this next week too! They are awesome. Got to remember my van gogh poster Monday morning!

  2. Thanks! And thank you for the idea! I have a particularly spirited bunch of tactile-learner kinders this year so we went the silk flower route (we passed a few flowers around our circle on the carpet and talked about the petals, the colors we saw, the details in the middle, etc) before painting. So many parents commented on how beautiful these turned out and I know the kids were proud of their work, too!